The Best 5 Promotional Bags to Advertise Your Brand

Why Promotional Bags are a great way to Advertise your Brand

If you’re having a giveaway or hosting a product launch, giving promotional items for your business should be a high priority to keep you top of mind. But, you don’t want to spend money on a corporate gift hat will not give you something in return. Promotional Bags are the perfect choice for your branded merchandise.

Promotional bags are a versatile advertising tool that works for online businesses, brands, the retail sector, service industries, etc. Take note of your business goals. Are you looking for ways to build customer and brand loyalty, increase sales and profit, or to advertise your business for a broader audience? Promotional bags can help you in achieving all of your business goals.  

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Our Top 5 Promotional Bags

Selecting one of the best promotional bags should be based on the kind of brand you want to be. You should also consider your target audience. Now, let us share with you our top picks for promotional bags you can shortlist for the purposes of advertising your brand.

#1 Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags give a very simple look. It’s a popular accessory for those who love sports. This promotional bag has a minimalist style which gives you more room for adding your brand’s name or logo. Drawstring bags allow your customers to carry their belongings around without being too large or bulky.

Another bonus is that the material used to make these can be waterproof. Making them the perfect bag for the outdoors.

#2 Backpacks

Backpacks are used by people of all ages. Whether you are a primary or secondary student, a uni student or travel to work on public transport. Thus, making the need for promotional backpacks evident. Giving these bags as promotional merchandise is perfect for any type of audience. Whether you’re studying, working, or being adventurous you’ll surely have a use for this. So, customising these bags with your brand’s name or logo is a great option. 

#3 Promotional Cooler Bags

It can be very hot during the summer here in Australia, so everyone wants a cooler bag during the warmer seasons. Many companies and businesses use a wide range of promotional bags for their marketing. So, you may want to consider these as well. Each bag is insulated making sure that the temperature inside the bag is maintained. The best way you can customise these is by screen printing. In some cases, embroidery may also work for this. Just make sure that the insulating material will not be damaged. 

#4 Conference Bags

During conferences, there are many different giveaway items you can get such as promotional mints. But, don’t forget about conference bags to put all of the goodies in. Conference bags differ in quality and features. If you wish to use this kind to advertise your brand, remember to use a good quality bag. This is very important since it also reflects your brand’s image. 

#5 Shopping Bags

Shopping or Calico bags have been used over many years. It is very popular here in Australia. This kind may not be as multipurpose as the others but they are very affordable. These promotional bags are highly functional and you can also feature your brands name and logos boldly. 

They are also considered “eco-friendly.” You can give them to your clients as a gift or as an on-sell to your clients. We recommend using full-colour logo prints on these calico bags. These promotional bags give you a huge space to print. 

To Sum Up our Best Promotional Bags

We hope that our top picks helped you in selecting the best promotional bags for your brand. If you need help in finding the best bag for your brand, our team is excited to assist you. Our Customer Happiness Team will make sure that you get the perfect promotional bags and other great quality promotional items.