Hang On Tight to Brand Awareness: Elevate Events with Promotional Lanyards

Event coordinators, marketing mavericks, conference champions – seeking to streamline access, enhance security, and boost brand visibility? Gearing up for your next tradeshow or staff gathering? Look beyond the flimsy neck-straps and generic tags, and embrace the versatility of Promotional Lanyards. These everyday heroes go far beyond just holding IDs. They  transform into silent brand ambassadors that keep your message front and centre throughout the event and beyond.

Beyond Bland, Beyond Beige:

Custom Lanyards come in a dazzling array of materials, widths, and functionalities.  They perfectly tailor to your event’s unique vibe and audience. Imagine vibrantly Printed Lanyards adding a splash of colour to a summer expo? How about our sleek Woven Lanyards exuding professionalism at a corporate conference? Choose eco-friendly options for a sustainable edge at outdoor events. And, of course, no lanyard is complete without your brand proudly displayed!

Make Your Brand The Hero

Add your logo, slogan, or a witty hashtag using Fast Promos’ diverse decoration options. These may include screen printing for bold statements, Full Colour Print for vibrant designs, Colourflex transfer for intricate details, pad printing for precise logos, embossing for a touch of elegance, or Direct Digital printing for photorealistic detail. Picture your company logo gracing a Printed Lanyard with a detachable buckle at a festival. How about your cheeky slogan etched on a Custom Woven Lanyard worn by conference attendees, spreading brand awareness with every step.

Gifts that Get Seen, Not Tucked Away:

Forget impersonal tote bags and generic pens. Promotional Lanyards are practical gifts attendees and staff will use long after the event ends. Surprise key clients with a personalised lanyard and matching badge holder, or equip your workshop presenters with branded lanyards to elevate their professional presence. It’s a subtle yet impactful way to build loyalty, express gratitude, and keep your brand close at hand, literally! For an extra touch, pre-attach your lanyards to branded notebooks – attendees will adore this delightful and information-hungry surprise.

Merchandise with Momentum:

Level up your event merchandise game with Custom Lanyards. They’re perfect for product launches, staff wellness weeks, corporate branding, and employee welcome packs. Imagine attendees showcasing your brand on a Printed Lanyard with a phone holder at the gym, or your logo adorning a Wide Format Lanyard worn at industry conferences, keeping your brand top-of-mind throughout their day. It’s cost-effective marketing that keeps working long after the event is over.

Event Essentials that Make an Impact:

Leave a lasting impression at any event with Promotional Lanyards. Equip conference attendees with a branded lanyard featuring your logo colours, or offer them as prizes at your workshop booth. It’s a practical and memorable way to generate buzz and stand out from the crowd. Imagine your logo emblazoned on a Printed Lanyard with a safety breakaway clip at a networking event, sparking conversation and promoting your brand with every introduction.

The Takeaway:

Promotional Lanyards are more than just event necessities; they’re silent brand ambassadors, streamlining access, enhancing security, and keeping your message visible throughout the event and beyond. They’re a versatile choice that caters to diverse events, aligns with your brand values, and resonates with your security-conscious and community-minded audience. So, ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary! Choose Fast Promos’ diverse range of Custom Lanyards and start crafting your own silent ambassadors who transform every event into a brand-building success story.

Yup, custom Lanyards, plus so much more!

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