How To Rebrand Your Business with Promotional Products

When you are not content about how customers recognise your brand, it’s time to rebrand. As business owners and advertisers, you must manage how your clients recognise your brand. So, a fresh new look will help people view your brand the way you want them to. Use promotional products to rebrand for a real impact.

Rebrand with Promotional Products

Reasons to Rebrand Your Business

If you are asking why you should rebrand, here are some valid reasons:

  • New Owner: If you just acquired another venture, and you want to make some changes to how marketing has been executed. This is a great reason to consider rebranding and use Promotional Products to make an impact.
  • Customer Feedback: Check your social media channels and your customer’s comments. If you see complaints regarding your product or service, it’s time to review what you need to do differently. This is a smart way to create a brand identity that gives a positive impression to your customers.
  • Repositioning: If you want to reposition your brand in the marketplace, stay updated, or reinvent your identity as a company. If this is the case this is a perfect starting place to be rebranding from.
  • International Expansion: If you are planning to expand your business to a new country, rebranding is a must. Every country has a different culture and code of conduct, so it is necessary to rebrand to catch the attention of new clients in the new market.

There are a lot of companies that have rebranded successfully. Let’s look at Paypal. Originally, Elon Musk started the company with the name Confinity with the vision of being a center for all financial needs. It was not meant to be Paypal in the first place. When they received feedback from their clients about a certain feature within their service, email payments, the co-founders decided to rebrand the company. They named it Paypal and decided to specialise in email payments only. 

Work towards a new brand vision clearly and precisely, whatever you are aiming for when rebranding. In that way, you’ll be able to shift your client’s impression of you.

Rebrand with Promotional Products blog

Rebrand your Business with Quality Promotional Products

The quality of the promotional products you choose depends on your new brand identity. Whatever promotional products you use it must suit your new persona. You must select products that match how you would like your audience to think about your brand. A high end brand will not get away with a low budget promotional product. Keep your target audience in mind when selecting the products.

Modify Your Distribution Strategy According To Your Brand’s Image

Your new identity dictates how you distribute and package your promotional items. For example, previously your brand is perceived as old and slow and you want to shift to being young and fast, then you should now distribute to the younger audience. You can do this by organising and joining “gen-Y” events.

Select Promotional Products for the Rebrand That Matches Your Brand’s Image

When choosing a promotional product, go for something that matches your brand image. For example, it would be weird if let’s say a brand like Apple gives out a cheese board as their promotional item. This is quite odd for a brand that wants to be popular for the latest innovation in technology. Whereas branded Picnic & BBQ items or even branded headwear such as bucket hats would be perfect for an outdoor products company.

Rebrand with a New Slogan or Message for you Promotional Products

You will need to invest in good copywriting when you are going from old to the new branding. The message and copy that you have used previously to identify your brand will change with your new persona.

Once you have your new content and copy, you can have these branded on your promotional items. Your promotional merchandise should always speak to your clients through the words found on these items.

You need to be prompt when you are relaunching your products and distributing them among your clients. This should immediately replace your previous promotional products once you launch your new brand image. Always add a call to action on your new products. Make them check out your new and rebranded website or app.

Rebranding with Promotional Products

Being strategic in your rebranding approach is very important. Rebranding should not be done overnight or announce right away. 

It should be done gradually and there should be a step-by-step process. Everyone should be involved and aware of the rebranding from your stakeholders and even clients. You will also get comments from them which allows you to improve your promotional merchandise even more and set you up for a successful rebranding. Contact Fast Promos to check out how we can help with your promotional merchandise needs.