Work From Home Gift Ideas for Employees and Clients

The work from home set-up has become the norm nowadays. So, how are you keeping your employees motivated and engaged while they work from home? You see, working from home allows them to work overtime but does have a lot of distractions. We recommend setting up goals and milestones, sending them rewards and care packages. As your business begins to think about the future of remote work, here are some work from home gift ideas to send to your employees during the quarantine. These items will help with the productivity of your employees.

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Why Should You Invest in Work from Home Gifts for Employees?

Sending work from home gifts for your employees tells a powerful message that your team will appreciate to hear. They will know that you support their current set-up and value them.

Giving corporate gifts for people who work for you from their homes is a very kind gesture. It is also a great way to make them feel that you are doing something to improve their remote work conditions. You can do this by giving them promotional products that help increase their productivity, spur creative and critical thinking, and promote a better sense of organisation.

When you send a quality gift to your employees who work from home, you are telling them: “Here’s something that we hope can help make your current work set-up much easier.”

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Gift Ideas for Work From Home Employees

Here are some recommended items that you can purchase for your employees. These items are some work from home must-haves that you can send to your employees.

  • Coffee – If there’s one thing that never goes out of style, it’s a cup of freshly brewed coffee. We all know that a great day of working from home starts with a fresh cup of tea or coffee. Since your employees do not have access to coffee machines like your in-office employees do, a great way to keep them up would be to send them coffee. Most people will be very happy with this special gift. Not only do they feel like they’re in the office, but it also allows them to be more productive while being at home.
  • Snack Boxes – A real pick-me-up during the week can be in the form of snack boxes that includes corporate jelly beans, chocolates, or gummy candies. A lot of people will be covered in these three categories of “jelly bean lovers,” “chocolate lovers,” or “gummy lovers” so giving them a combination of these treats will be sure to bring joy. Including any food item on your gift hampers is always a great idea since a lot of people consume them right away. Happy snacking!
  • A Slick Pair of Headphones – Sending your team some necessary items to help them succeed while working from home is very crucial. We know that working from home has many challenges that include having a less noisy working environment. You may consider gifting them with a pair of headphones so they can focus on work and block the sounds around them. Not only will this help them when they’re making calls or during meetings, but it also enables them to focus on work by listening to a business podcast or music.

To Sum Up

These work from home gifts are perfect considerations when you are choosing items that you think will be helpful for your remote employees.

These are the greatest work from home gift ideas you can consider. They are perfect for all including your friends, staff, colleagues, and even clients working from home. Don’t forget to contact them and check on them once you have sent the gift!

If you need help in curating some of these gift hampers don’t hesitate to contact us. Fast Promos can help you create your own gifts packages to send to your employees or clients.