Promotional Items People Need But Won’t Buy Themselves

There are some items that we have at home that we use every day without even realising it. Give it some thought. When was the last time you went out and bought a phone wallet? Promotional items that highlight a brand’s logo or custom design have been around for many years. Businesses use them in making sure that people recognise their brand and clients love them because they are useful and fun.

There are a lot of promotional products that help in making our lives easier. However, that does not mean we would want to go and buy them ourselves. If you want to be sure that your marketing giveaways are successful, you may consider the following:

Some ideas for Promotional Items….

Phone Wallets

Phone wallets are one of the unique and genius creations out there. It keeps your phone and all your valuable items away without the need to bring a bulky purse or wallet. Phone wallets are a perfect giveaway option since not all will go out of their way and buy one for themselves. Making it one of the most clever promotional giveaways you can think of. You may consider giving your valuable clients these cellphone wallets via mail since they are lightweight.

Phone Wallets

Reusable Drink-ware

Reusable coffee cups from stores can be quite expensive making it people’s least priority. To continuously win your customer and employees over, giving them promotional drinkware is a great idea. This will also encourage them to drink more water and stay hydrated. 

Personalised water bottles are great gifts to show your appreciation to employees. You can even surprise your staff by placing promotional drinkware on their desks. This will make them feel more special. 

Pens as Promotional Items

Pens are great promotional items since a lot of people need and use them every day. You can hand out branded pens to your clients because it’s useful and they will keep it for a long time.

Shopping Bags

One promotional item you can consider is shopping bags since they are now a necessity. Many grocery stores are now encouraging customers to bring their bags instead of using plastic. When you give these to your clients it becomes easier for them, since they don’t have to buy them anymore.

Shopping Bags

Flash Drives

If you are thinking of giving something useful to your employees and clients, flash drives are a great option. This is something people need but not everyone is excited to buy them. Flash drives are very handy when it comes to school and work. Many people don’t think to buy them until they need one. So, having one gifted to them and waiting to be used will be very helpful. Anyone who has received a flash drive as a gift will know how useful and handy they are.

Key Rings

Key Rings are probably no where to be found on your shopping list. It is an item that you will not think of until you need one. Furthermore, a keyring is something that will continually get exposure for your brand as keys are used daily. You should consider these as one of your promotional items that people need.


Promotional Caps are a product that will be used again and again. Even if people have certain brands they buy for themselves, it is always handy having a spare cap in the car, boat or caravan. If you choose a budget cap, you might be surprised at how cost effective a cap can be!

Promotional Caps

To Sum Up Promotional Items

Ordering promotional products can be a little bit overwhelming from the start. You don’t have to worry since there is no shortage in terms of what products people need. When people receive products that are helpful for their day to day tasks, they are bound to have a great impression of your brand.

If you need help in creating your promotional items, contact Fast Promos.