10 Facts You Should Know About The Best Business Corporate Gifts of 2020

Corporate Gifts in 2020

The term corporate gifting or corporate gifts has been around for quite some time. Now, gifting to employees, stakeholders, and clients is considered as a business imperative.

A business gift helps your organisation by way of:

  • Showing compassion
  • Building relationships
  • Boost your brand’s image
  • Makes an emotional connection
  • Creates a positive impression of your brand

What Is Corporate Gifting? 

Corporate Gifts are useful items given by the employer to its employees or clients. The gifts are given as a token of appreciation for their hard work and support. Many companies and organisations already have a policy for giving corporate gifts to their employees. 

Some examples of these gifts are technology items such as power banks or headphones, leisure items including chairs and blankets, or even confectionery such as Advent Calendars

So, why do we need a new list of corporate gifts for 2020 when we have already done it before? Well, things change and new trends come. We must be able to adapt to this.

The list you have before that worked in the past, may not work during this time. So, we listed some important facts you need to know.

Corporate Gifts

10 Important Facts About Business Corporate Gifts

  1. Customise Your Corporate Gifts

Giving a customised gift says something about the giver. It also creates a lasting impression on the mind of the receiver. It creates a connection and celebrates the relationship. Customised corporate gifts have a higher chance of being kept compared to impersonal gifts.

Adding a personal touch makes your gift extra special. You can simply add a handwritten note or have their names engraved or printed on it. Your employees will surely love it!

  1. Do Not Insert Promotions

The best corporate gifts are given to appreciate the employee’s hard work and to show that you care. So, it should not be a basic promotional item. Of course, you would want to add your company logo or name on it since it is a gift from the business. But, it’s best if you stay away from making it part of your marketing campaign. 

Your employees will remember your brand as long as you give them a useful corporate gift.

  1. Do Not Compromise On The Quality of your Corporate Gifts

When you start planning your business corporate gifts, you must set your budget first. Its always great to have a good budget, but don’t worry. There are many business gifts you can consider without spending too much. Give the best option within your budget.

It’s understandable to have a limited budget but never compromise its quality. The gift you are giving your employees or clients makes an impact on your business’ reputation. It’s okay to spend wisely but do not be cheap.

  1. Be Appropriate

The difference between personal gift giving and corporate gift-giving is that there are usually policies and guidelines to follow. The personalised gift must be appropriate to the company’s environment and profession.

Don’t hesitate to ask your clients their rules regarding corporate gifts. Some companies like multi-national companies, auditing firms, and banks have strict policies for that. Always ask them if they have a “No Gifting Policy.” So, your clients will know that you thought of them and they can give you suggestions on what is possible.

  1. Don’t Give Gifts During The Process of Tendering

Even if your client’s company has a liberal gifting policy, don’t give gifts while bidding for business. Be careful and make sure no one misunderstands it as a way to bribe them. You don’t want them to feel obligated towards you and it may come off to them as being unethical.

  1. Give Gifts When Completing A Project

Corporate Gifts are always appreciated especially after completing a project successfully. Everybody likes to celebrate their accomplishments. It is best to give a gift that says, “Thank you for your business” to customers.

Business and corporate gifts are also a great way to acknowledge employees and tell them “Thank you for your dedication and hard work.” It promotes brand loyalty as well.

  1. Give Corporate Gifts As Appreciation – Without Any Expectations

Business gifts are given to show your appreciation. Others also give gifts during holidays and special occasions. For example, anniversaries & birthdays are a great time to gift. Celebrations such as promotions and achievements of a milestone are another great way to use corporate gifts. Don’t forget that gift-giving should be sincere and you must not expect anything in return.

  1. Don’t Go Overboard With Lavish or Intimate Gifts

Things can go wrong when giving gifts at the office. Make sure that it’s not too casual, too personal, too funny, etc. Furthermore, try not to give luxurious gifts like jewellery or anything too extravagant. You don’t need to spend a fortune to show your appreciation.

If you’re confused about what to give, just use your judgement. Put yourself in their position and consider what would be your reaction if you received that same gift.

  1. Don’t Guess How to Spell Your Recipient’s Name

Make sure you spell your recipient’s name correctly, especially if it is permanently part of the corporate gift. It is forgivable but it can be a little bit annoying. It’s a total no-no to get their names wrong on the gifts. Having their names wrong might give an impression of carelessness. Moreover, it comes across as being disingenuous and that’s not what you want to happen.

  1. Have Your Corporate Gifts Professionally Wrapped

Receiving a well-packaged gift makes your recipient more excited. Business corporate gifts that are professionally wrapped shows how much you value your recipient. You can also add a personal note.

There are various advantages of giving business gifts. Take advantage of it and you’ll see your business grow in no time. For guidance please call our Customer Happiness Team on 1300 008 300.