The Real Cost of a Great Branded Product Campaign

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Branded Product Campaigns

Every business, regardless of its industry, location, or size, relies on one common thing to succeed: Customers. Because of that, every business develops its marketing strategy to attract new clients and boost brand awareness. Branded products are an essential part of a great marketing campaign.

Did you know that annually, businesses worldwide spend billions on promotional items? This industry continues to grow and shows no sign of slowing down.

Consider your marketing costs to achieve your goals when planning to invest in a branded product campaign. Product campaigns incur costs, so budgeting and setting clear objectives is important. The cost of promotional product marketing campaigns varies due to different factors like:

  • The quality and quantity of products you’re using.
  • Your distribution strategy.
  • Frequency of your branded product campaigns.
  • Tracking the performance of your branded items.
  • The size of your order.
  • The complexity of the design on your products, and how you’ll add your logo on it.

We’re taking a look at each of these, to give you insights on how much it will cost you for your campaign. In this blog, you’ll learn how to budget and plan your marketing campaigns.

Branded Product Campaigns blog

6 Points to Consider before Creating a Branded Product Campaign

#1 Quality and Quantity of Branded Products for your Campaign

If you are aiming for higher quality for your branded products it’s likely to lead to higher costs. It’s also the same if you are purchasing a larger quantity of your branded products.

Higher quality promotional items are stronger, sturdier, and longer-lasting. Cheaper promotional items are generally made of poorer quality materials. You must decide on the quality level based on the impression you want to communicate with your customers.

The number of promotional products should be based on the number of people you are giving it to. Your promotional product cost varies so you must know your budget beforehand. 

#2 Your Distribution Strategy

Your distribution strategy impacts the costing of your branded product campaign. When your distribution cost is high it affects the overall costing of your campaign.

If you’re planning to handout the products at an event you already paid for, take note of the costs of your merchandise and your total investment in the event. 

Or, if you choose mailing your branded merchandise to clients, take note of the mailing cost. However, if you give out your branded items at your store or office, costing is much lower. Furthermore, if you are mailing the products it is a good idea to consider more compact items that will cost less to distribute.

Even before investing in your brand merchandise, we suggest that you do an in-depth evaluation of your distribution strategy. It makes no sense to buy branded products if they are not going to affordably reach your customers.

#3 Frequency of Your Branded Product Campaigns

Your annual costing depends on how often you plan to run your branded product marketing campaign. We recommend that you do an estimate of the following:

  • How many events you’re planning on attending for this coming year.
  • The number of new customers you’re aiming for.
  • The lifetime value of a customer.
  • Any other distribution channel you may consider that may influence the frequency of your campaigns.

These are just some things that will help you decide how to move forward with your costing.

#4 Tracking Your Branded Product Campaign’s Performance

Your cost does not end with purchasing and distribution. To know how successful your campaign is, you’ll need to track the performance of your campaign. This includes the number of leads, contacts generated, and the number of impressions.

#5 The Size Of Your Order

The good thing with branded product marketing campaigns is that they give you the advantages of economies of scale. The total cost becomes lower when you order more. So, if you have not select a perishable product such as Branded Jelly Beans you can order for multiple events to lower the unit cost.

#6 The Complexity Of The Design on Your Branded Products

The complexity of your design on your branded merchandise is very important. If your design is complicated it may take more time to make it and may incur higher branding costs. Additionally, you will be limited with the type of products you can decorate. For example, a complicated or large design will not fit on the barrel of a metal pen or a small keyring.  

Aside from the design, you should also take note of how you want to add your logo to it. The decoration style also has a great impact on the total cost of your branded product campaign.

To Sum Up Branded Product Campaigns

Knowing the total cost of your branded product campaign is important if you want it to be a success. If you consider every one of the points above you are well on your way to a great outcome. We hope that the following insights were able to help you.

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