Custom Printed Coffee Mugs: A Year-Round Opportunity

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Custom Printed Coffee Mugs: A Year-Round Opportunity

Human behavior and activity changes as seasons come and go. Firstly, you should maximise the return of your marketing budget by choosing a non-seasonal product. Secondly, consider all external factors in planning and implementing your promotional activity. In addition, the focus of your marketing campaigns and the products you use should be different as the season changes. This is one factor why custom printed coffee mugs became a popular gift item. 

Most people start their day with a cup of piping hot and strong coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Therefore, the global coffee industry continues to grow and flourish. Coffee is sold everywhere and even businesses associated with coffee such as accessories are striving and thriving. For example, our Promotional Coffee Cups filled with confectionery are a very popular product. 

That’s why personalised coffee mugs became a very popular item for sale or purchase. So, there are many reasons why you should consider giving custom printed mugs as gifts.

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Custom Printed Coffee Mugs The Perfect Gift Idea

Here are some quick points as to why you can’t go wrong with Custom Printed Coffee Mugs and Drinkware:

  • Coffee is a very popular drink all over the world. They are often times served in coffee mugs. 
  • This promotional item is very cost-efficient.
  • Almost all genders and ages love it. Even kids love their little babyccino or a nice and cold iced coffee. 
  • Coffee mugs are very versatile. So, you can use it for both cold and hot drinks. Be experimental with it, whether you’re serving affogato (coffee with ice cream), cold brews, etc.
  • You can drink coffee all year-round. You have the whole year to take advantage of and use this chance to advertise your logo and brand. 
  • These mugs come in thousands of various styles. Therefore, making it a great consideration when doing your promotional planning and budgeting.

Kinds of Custom Printed Coffee Mugs To Use For Promotional Campaigns

Envision your customers enjoying their first cup of coffee of the day in your personalised and custom printed coffee mug! It’s a chance for you to create a great brand recall. You should not miss this! 

There are many different kinds of coffee mugs that you can consider when making your custom printed mugs. So, we have prepared a list for you with choices for your upcoming marketing campaign.

  1. Espresso Cup – These are small coffee cups that come in various shapes and designs. You can print your brand’s name or logo on it. We have some great glass options.
  2. Stainless Steel Mugs – These stainless steel mugs are long-lasting and easy to maintain. They are perfect for health-conscious people. These mugs help retain the temperature of the drinks longer and prevents heat loss. Also, some of these stainless steel mugs have spill-proof lids.
  3. Glass Mugs – These mugs are very pleasing and elegant. It is transparent and you will be able to see what’s in it. If you choose one that is Borosilicate, they are lightweight, exceptionally strong and shatter-resistant. We recommend that you go for a glass mug with a handle for easier use.
  4. Vacuum Insulated Mugs – If you are an on-the-go type of person, you should go for this vacuum insulated mug style. It also holds the temperature of your drink longer. These have become very trendy and look great when custom printed.
  5. Ceramic Mugs – These mugs have different colours and designs to choose from. They are a very durable and classic product. This one is the perfect mug for you if you have a smaller budget.
  6. Stoneware Mugs – These kinds of mugs are high temperature resistant. It easily and stylishly holds your piping hot coffee. These stoneware mugs are really attractive.

Points To Remember When Choosing Your Custom Printed Mugs

  • Make sure that the mug you choose fits the desired purpose.
  • Cheaper mugs may look okay at first but may cause problems when it comes to the branding being durable and lasting.
  • If you want a high-quality product you may pay a little extra. In some cases a higher price does lead to better quality. 
  • Always ask for recommendations of promotional professionals to maximise the amount of money and budget you have for this.

Lastly, if you are searching for the perfect custom printed coffee mug for your promotional campaign, don’t hesitate to contact Fast Promos. Our team of experts is looking forward to assisting you with your order.