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SOLS Imperial Adult T-Shirt

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Smart adult t-shirt which features an elastane ribbed round collar with neck tape reinforcing and short sleeves. It is available in nine sizes and is manufactured from 190gsm heavy jersey, semi combed ring spun cotton. This gives the garment a soft and smooth feel as well as providing an excellent branding surface.

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Our Most Popular Decoration Methods
Colourflex Transfer

Colourflex Transfer

  • Colourflex® is a CMYK+W digital print process, used for branding apparel and fabrics.
  • Ideal for producing full colour, complex images as well as approximate spot colour branding.
  • High definition, vibrant matt finish artwork that is suitable on a range of garment fabrics.
  • Eco-friendly water-based inks.


  • A heated custom metal plate is pressed firmly onto the product leaving an impression of the artwork.
  • Permanent subtle two tone finish on silicone and leather products
  • High perceived value for gifting
Digital Label

Digital Label

  • Full coloured printed sticker applied onto the product
  • Affordable decoration popular on confectionery and cosmetics
  • Can be cut to custom shapes.
Digital Print

Digital Print

  • This production method is used for printing media such as paper, vinyl and magnetic material used in the manufacture of labels, badges, and fridge magnets etc
  • Ideal for producing full colour, complex images with gradients. Uses CMYK values.
  • Variable data including individual names is available on select products.


  • Embroidery uses rayon thread which is stitched into the product and has a slightly raised effect
  • Popular on bags, apparel and other textile products
  • Only approximate PMS colour matches are possible - the threads to be used are chosen from those available to give the closest possible match.
Imitation Etch

Imitation Etch

  • Imitation etch is a special pad printing ink used for producing an etch-like effect on glass products.
  • Much more affordable than real etching.
  • Can brand curved or uneven products.
Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

  • Laser engraving is a permanent branding process that engraves artwork into the surface of the product using a laser
  • Higher perceived value than other forms of branding.
  • Different materials produce different engraving finishes, to avoid uncertainty pre-production samples are recommended.
Pad Print

Pad Print

  • Pad printing uses a silicone pad to transfer an image to a product from a laser etched printing plate
  • It is one of the most popular and affordable ways of branding promotional products due to its ability to reproduce images on uneven or curved products and print multiple colours in a single pass.
  • Ideal for printing on curved or uneven products.
  • Prints sharp, clean images with detail as fine as 0.4mm, minimum text size is 5pt.
Resin Coated Finish

Resin Coated Finish

  • This CMYK branding process is produced by printing artwork onto a vinyl material with strong adhesive on the reverse.
  • The branded area is then coated with a crystal-clear resin.
  • Once dry, the finished decal is applied to the product and the adhesive forms a permanent bond.
Screen Print

Screen Print

  • Screen Printing is achieved by forcing ink through a fine mesh screen with a squeegee onto the product and is ideal for branding flat objects
  • Large print areas are possible on flat products
  • Most screen print inks dry quickly and can be shipped immediately after printing.
Silicone Digital Print

Silicone Digital Print

  • A digital branding process designed specifically for silicone surfaces.
  • Provides crisp, clear, high-definition artwork.
  • Perfect for printing dark coloured products as a layer of white ink can be printed under the artwork.
Sublimation Print

Sublimation Print

  • Dye sublimation print is used for branding products that have a special coating on them, or fabrics suitable for the sublimation process.
  • A transfer is produced by printing sublimation ink onto transfer paper and then heat pressing it onto the product.
  • Ideal for producing vivid full colour images as well as closely matched spot colour branding.
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      Our Process
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      Brand SOLS
      Fit European
      Construction Tubular
      Yarn Process Semi Combed Ring Spun
      Knit Style Single Jersey
      Care Label Yes


      Grey Melange, Mouse Grey, White, Gold, Orange, Orchid Pink, Red, Apple Green, Kelly Green, Atoll Blue, Royal Blue, Navy, Dark Purple, Deep Black.


      Body Cotton
      Neckline Cotton Elastane Blend (98/2)

      Branding Options

      • Screen Print Please refer to template
      • Colourflex Transfer Up to 95x60mm and 75x75mm
      • Colourflex Transfer Up to 200x280mm
      • Colourflex Transfer Up to 280x350mm
      • Embroidery Please refer to template
      Download Branding Template


      Loose Packed

      Length: 57cm
      Width: 38cm
      Height: 36cm
      Weight: 20.30kg

      XS S M L XL XXL 3XL 4XL 5XL
      Half Chest cm 48 50 53 56 58 62 64 68 71
      Length cm 64 70 72 74 76 78 80 82 84
      Item In Stock Next Shipment
      Grey Melange Adult XS 43 0
      Grey Melange Adult S 170 0
      Grey Melange Adult M 35 95
      Grey Melange Adult L 200 0
      Grey Melange Adult XL 45 95
      Grey Melange Adult XXL 150 0
      Grey Melange Adult 3XL 36 0
      Grey Melange Adult 4XL 45 0
      Grey Melange Adult 5XL 46 0
      Mouse Grey Adult XS 84 0
      Mouse Grey Adult S 57 0
      Mouse Grey Adult M 100 0
      Mouse Grey Adult L 0 0
      Mouse Grey Adult XL 0 0
      Mouse Grey Adult XXL 26 0
      Mouse Grey Adult 3XL 130 0
      Mouse Grey Adult 4XL 0 0
      Mouse Grey Adult 5XL 0 0
      White Adult XS 94 0
      White Adult S 27 280
      White Adult M 6 570
      White Adult L 0 570
      White Adult XL 0 380
      White Adult XXL 21 190
      White Adult 3XL 0 95
      White Adult 4XL 32 0
      White Adult 5XL 60 0
      Gold Adult XS 12 0
      Gold Adult S 81 0
      Gold Adult M 37 0
      Gold Adult L 53 0
      Gold Adult XL 0 77
      Gold Adult XXL 0 75
      Gold Adult 3XL 12 47
      Gold Adult 4XL 33 0
      Gold Adult 5XL 10 0
      Orange Adult XS 53 0
      Orange Adult S 130 0
      Orange Adult M 140 0
      Orange Adult L 110 0
      Orange Adult XL 28 95
      Orange Adult XXL 58 0
      Orange Adult 3XL 49 0
      Orange Adult 4XL 19 0
      Orange Adult 5XL 3 0
      Orchid Pink Adult XS 32 0
      Orchid Pink Adult S 75 0
      Orchid Pink Adult M 31 0
      Orchid Pink Adult L 180 0
      Orchid Pink Adult XL 210 0
      Orchid Pink Adult XXL 100 0
      Orchid Pink Adult 3XL 76 0
      Orchid Pink Adult 4XL 17 0
      Orchid Pink Adult 5XL 37 0
      Red Adult XS 56 0
      Red Adult S 0 0
      Red Adult M 0 190
      Red Adult L 19 190
      Red Adult XL 79 0
      Red Adult XXL 53 0
      Red Adult 3XL 17 0
      Red Adult 4XL 4 0
      Red Adult 5XL 0 0
      Apple Green Adult XS 150 0
      Apple Green Adult S 120 0
      Apple Green Adult M 110 0
      Apple Green Adult L 56 0
      Apple Green Adult XL 2 0
      Apple Green Adult XXL 3 0
      Apple Green Adult 3XL 88 0
      Apple Green Adult 4XL 25 0
      Apple Green Adult 5XL 60 0
      Kelly Green Adult XS 110 0
      Kelly Green Adult S 170 0
      Kelly Green Adult M 0 0
      Kelly Green Adult L 180 0
      Kelly Green Adult XL 0 0
      Kelly Green Adult XXL 0 0
      Kelly Green Adult 3XL 0 0
      Kelly Green Adult 4XL 0 0
      Kelly Green Adult 5XL 0 0
      Atoll Blue Adult XS 0 0
      Atoll Blue Adult S 100 0
      Atoll Blue Adult M 38 0
      Atoll Blue Adult L 190 0
      Atoll Blue Adult XL 64 0
      Atoll Blue Adult XXL 47 0
      Atoll Blue Adult 3XL 0 0
      Atoll Blue Adult 4XL 0 0
      Atoll Blue Adult 5XL 0 0
      Royal Blue Adult XS 64 0
      Royal Blue Adult S 1 95
      Royal Blue Adult M 0 280
      Royal Blue Adult L 130 280
      Royal Blue Adult XL 180 0
      Royal Blue Adult XXL 72 0
      Royal Blue Adult 3XL 45 0
      Royal Blue Adult 4XL 31 0
      Royal Blue Adult 5XL 0 0
      Navy Adult XS 0 95
      Navy Adult S 3 95
      Navy Adult M 0 280
      Navy Adult L 0 360
      Navy Adult XL 49 190
      Navy Adult XXL 89 95
      Navy Adult 3XL 35 47
      Navy Adult 4XL 120 0
      Navy Adult 5XL 94 0
      Dark Purple Adult XS 15 0
      Dark Purple Adult S 71 0
      Dark Purple Adult M 51 0
      Dark Purple Adult L 22 0
      Dark Purple Adult XL 19 0
      Dark Purple Adult XXL 84 0
      Dark Purple Adult 3XL 0 -1
      Dark Purple Adult 4XL 0 0
      Dark Purple Adult 5XL 0 0
      Deep Black Adult XS 400 95
      Deep Black Adult S 0 1100
      Deep Black Adult M 630 760
      Deep Black Adult L 690 570
      Deep Black Adult XL 820 190
      Deep Black Adult XXL 41 760
      Deep Black Adult 3XL 0 360
      Deep Black Adult 4XL 16 95
      Deep Black Adult 5XL 0 85

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      We offer a range of customization options, including screen printing, embroidery, engraving, and more. Visit our Decoration Options page for details on the available options for each product.

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      Yes, of course.  You can just email us with your previous order details and we can proceed from there.

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      We accept bank deposits, credit cards and paypal.  We do require prepayment to get started on your job.

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      Yes we do.  You can find them here

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      We can help you.  We have a team of designers that can bring your ideas to life.

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