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Why Fast Balloons?

There is nothing that spells ‘festive’ as well as the sight of balloons filling the air with bright colours. We at Fast Balloons are ready to give your next marketing and advertising events a cheery and memorable touch with our lineup of balloons and balloon accessories.

Our selection of balloons includes standard latex helium-filled balloons, as well as foil balloons that come in heart, round, and star shapes. We have an extensive color range for our balloons, from more traditional matte hues to metallic, pearlized, and ultra shiny variants. We also have large balloons up to 90cm in diameter, perfect for your centerpieces and feature attractions.

Here you can also learn how your personalised designs and logos can be printed onto our balloons. All of our balloons may be printed with the graphics of your choice. We also have a variety of accessories like Balloon Hand Pump, Balloon Stand Large, and Ribbon Packs to further pimp them up. With these promotional balloons, you will not only enliven your events, but also increase your brand’s exposure.

Our shop also sells balloon accessories such as pumps, sticks, and stands to help you set up our balloons and optimise your décor and display options. We will ship your balloons nationwide for free, for bulk orders over 300 dollars. At Fast Balloons w look forward to working with you to turn your promotional events into truly memorable occasions.

If you’d like to learn more about our promotional balloons, please feel free to get in touch with us. You can send us an email, or better yet, give us call through our hotline. Just dial 1300 008 300. Alternatively, you can also speak to us through our chat application, which is right on this window. Our customer service staff are always ready to help you so please reach out to us.

Foil Balloons

Custom printing on foil balloons is one of our specialties here at Fast Balloons. All of our printed balloons can be filled with helium or air. Not only is this awesome, but it gives you the freedom to use them in the best way for your event.

Standard shapes in our range firstly are the custom printed round foil balloons. These come in a generous size of 18 inches (approximately 45cm). These are available in over 23 spectacular colours including Black, Burgundy, Citrine Yellow, Dark Blue, Emerald Green, Lilac, Lime, Magenta, Metallic Gold, Orange, Pale Blue, Pearl Light Blue, Pearl Pink, Periwinkle, Quartz Purple, Rose, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Silver, Teal, Turquoise, White and Yellow.

Printed Foil Balloons
Printed Large Balloons - 90cm

Large Balloons – 90cm

Looking for a balloon that will make a real impact? Our 90cm balloons (3 feet in size) are the answer. These balloons are quality latex balloons that are made to be inflated with helium.

These 90cm large round balloons also have some other magnificent looking balloon options in the range you may wish to explore at the same time. For instance, you can also choose some custom printed Heart Shaped Foil Balloons 18 inch or as another option the super sleek looking branded Round Foil Balloons just as an alternative.